Dear Listener,

For the third year in a row, Archipelago brings together an exhibition in the form of a mixtape. Over-writing the recordings of the year before, the new exhibition airs from the 29th of June 2018.

The tracks on the mixtape of this summer are newly commissioned works by six international artists and writers: Azar Alsharif (Iran/Norway), Sean Edwards (United Kingdom), Pia Eikaas (Norway/Denmark), Morten Langeland (Norway), Laura Pappa (Estonia/Netherlands) and Reinaart Vanhoe (Belgium/Netherlands). The diverse nature of their works and interests; a language between sculpture and writing, graphic design and music, brings together a mixtape with extracts of poetry, field recordings, narratives and carefully constructed soundtracks.

The mixtape can be directly played from this website or you can download it to your phone or laptop to listen to it where ever you may find yourself this summer.

Archipelago is a dynamic and flexible exhibition platform at Hordaland Kunstsenter in Bergen and is supported by Bergen Kommune and Norsk Kulturr├ąd.




Press play to start the Mixtape